Here’s a photo tour of the practice. We hope you can see it in person soon!

Exterior Building:

Exterior Building Photo

Reception Desk:

Reception Desk

Reception and Optical Areas:

Reception and Optical Areas

Lumina Vision Wall Logo:

Lumina Vision Wall Logo

Optical Area Desk:

Optical Area Desk

Optical Area East:

Optical Area East

Optical Frame Display:

Optical Frame Display

Exam Room East:

Exam Room East

Entrance Testing Area:

Entrance Testing Area

Mural Room – Nemo and Dory:

Mural Room - Nemo and Dory

Mural Room – Turtles:

Mural Room - Turtles

Mural Room – Mr Ray and Kids:

Mural Room - Mr Ray and Kids

Mural Room – Bruce:

Mural Room - Bruce